Friday, March 14, 2008

Update on Cash Crate.

Having been busy trying to fill in some part time jobs at my friend's restaurant, I have not put any effort in complete any survey or offers from Cash Crate. I did not even promote this site, but I did put up a rotating Ad at my autohit page at Shalom Auto Hits.I almost forgot about Cash Crate, but out of curiosity I just signed in to see what they have to offer me . I signed in and check my earnings, and wow it had shot up to $3.50 this month.Also check on my referrals, and I have 9 on my 1st level, and one on my second level. That means I got 20 % from the earnings of the 9- 1st level and 10 %on the 1- end level. Not bad for doing nothing.
I just have to tell all my friends about CashCrate.There are about 100 companies where you can complete their offers or surveys. And they pay between 20 cents to $1.50
Check it out, You can join for Free.

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Johnny Ong said...

lots of ways to monies from all corners