Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Got my First Check from Clixsense.

Have you wonder ,if those Paid to Click Sites really pay you? There are so many of these sites.Some are Scam and some are Genuine. The last few months ,I have been busy signing up on a few of these PTC sites,.Clixsense,Vipbux,Xclix,,Titanbux,,Masterbux,
Velocity clicks,Clicksia,Adverbux and ClickVoid.
Most of the sites required you to click a 30 secconds ads, some 15 seconds and you are paid 1 cent per ad, and if you have referrals, you get 0.005 cents or 50 % of their clicks.Most sites paid out at minimum $10.00.
So, I have been busy clicking everything and wondering if they are paying me.On clicksense, I reached $11.82 last month, I will be reaching $10 on Xclix these few days.

Well, indeed Clicksense did sent me my check and I received my first check for all the clicking.But they charged a $3.00 fees for each payout. At least they are genuine and I am being paid for my hard work.
Join Clixsense Here

I do not recommend Velocity Clicks, I almost reached my payout,but their site was suspended.
Another, great site is Xclix- they have a steady 15 clicks each day, and no problem with their clicks.
Join Xclix Today has at least 25 ads to click daily, but they still has not transfer my cash out to my Alertpay yet, almost 2 weeks
Join Dailyclicks Here

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