Friday, November 14, 2008

Clixsense sent me another Check.

Last week I received another check from Clixsense. This is the second check I received from them since I joined last year. My clicks was 1024 for the month of October .They took out $3.00 for service charge and I received my Check of $7.24 on the 5th. This is a trusted site and they have a few ads to clicks if you are a free member.
To get more clicks, you have to join as a premium member for only $10.00 a year.You are given at least 525 ads to click. You can make back your money in a month. So , I made up my mind to upgrade to a premium member to see if it is worth it. Immediately, on that day after upgrading and paying $10.00 ,I Had 525 ads to click on my account,.
So far I had clicked 450 ads and I had $4.85 in my account. A few of the ads paid 2 cents and a couple 3 cents. But I wondered when I finished the 525 ads, am I given another 525 ads or have to wait till next month? I will post it when I finished.

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