Thursday, June 30, 2011

Regeneca International.,Inc.-Whole Earth, Whole Body Approach to Health.

Regeneca™ International, Inc. was formed to create premium products that help to improve health and fight the signs and symptoms of aging for a complete life of wellness and happiness.

Regeneca was founded upon the ideal that we are all products of the environment. Our lives are interdependent with each other and with the world around us.

Regeneca's philosophy and products are designed with this in mind. We aim to connect individual with individual, reconnecting them to the Earth's source of healing properties, and to do it with a symbiotic approach.

Regeneca™ specializes in direct response marketing. We drive customer acquisition, alongside direct sales networking. With our direct response network, we've created a revolutionary approach to home business ownership. Through television, radio, online, and print advertising, we can help to brand and commercialize your business, while developing a customer base and sales organization stretching across the globe. Regeneca's products are unique, just like you. Working together, we can build and grow your home-based business to its full potential helping to "regenerate the quality of your life and your customer's lives."

Join Regeneca International, Inc. as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) as we positively impact the lives of everyone around us, one at a time

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