Monday, April 16, 2012 -Questions and Answers

Who runs ?

The main share holders are Michael Solomon & Co. The website technical aspects and daily communication are being handled by our highly experienced and skillful support team, please see our contact page to find out more details about support team. Almost every business / marketing decision is supervised and authorized by our executive director, Michael Solomon, who is fully devoted to providing our members with a top-notch support and practical investment experience.

What is mission ?

We have a singular target in mind, to maintain the optimal investment conditions for our international investors. We offer the opportunity to benefit from the lowest risk investment service in the HYI industry, investments with the highest reachable R.O.I's for the shortest period of time possible, and over the longest term available. We are completely dedicated to support our mission and provide you the best-in-class financial service, and professional help online. To read more, please see about us page.

Where can I see / enter feedbacks about your company performance ?

You can see our members feedback and enter your own in anyone of the monitoring, rating, and forum web sites available here.
We highly appreciate our members feedback, so please take a moment to write about your own experience with us, thank you.

Is incorporated ?

Yes, we are registered as an offshore limited liability company name: in England and Wales.
To check our company registration certificate, please click here.
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