Friday, January 18, 2008

Jerky Direct Premium Products.

I have joined Jerky Direct for almost 6 months .I get a small commission check each month as I have not been real active in this company . However ,I really enjoyed those jerky that they sent me from the Jerky of the month.
For as little as $12.oo each month,plus shipping and handling, you can savoured
the best and all natural jerky.You will receive 2 bags,up to 1/2 a lb of jerky of your choice or jerky of the month,delivered to your door. I love the Terriyaki and Hot Peppered Jerky.

JD Premium Products offers premium products which are all natural and/or organic. Because of quality, variety and value, the company is growing at an astounding rate. There are continuing to expand their our growth by looking for extraordinary people to become new distributors nationwide. With JD Premium Products, you have the opportunity to become an important part of a winning team!
As an Independent Distributor you have the opportunity to make money in a number of ways. Here are a few:

Four Ways Distributors Earn Money:1.
Local Retail Sales: Purchase from yourself, set any selling price you wish and keep the difference.
2.Storefront Retail Orders: Earn 20% of order total; 5% from your front line’s retail order totals
3.Preferred Customer Autoship Orders: Recurring monthly orders paid through 7-Levels Payout (see below)
4.Team Sales: Build a Team and earn commissions on qualified purchases made by your 7-level downline team.TEAM SALES:Payouts: Each product we offer has a Commission associated with it, as listed in the Distributor’s Account Manager (online business office). The Distributor’s Team matrix has an unlimited width and is 7-levels deep.
Besides Jerky, Jerky Direct Premium Product also carry other products like Supplements,Skin Care,Personal Care and product of our homes.
Check out JD premium product today, and try out our great jerky, all natural,no preservative, healthy.

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