Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lofty Profits-Turn $49 into $6150( Review)

Are you fedup of trying to make a living on Line? Lofty Profits is a first class company created by Industry's experts to help its members make a continous daily income for life!And Guaranteed each and everyone a constant and absolute control
of their earnings.
For only one time payment of $49.00,you have the opportunity to receive daily instant
cash payouts,over and over again.With a legitimate,simple and yet powerful automated system that works incredible fast and with unlimited income for you.

3 Ways to make money.

1.Fantastic Affiliate system allows you get up to 60% instant paid commission.

2.Through the permanent position in the Advanced Rotation System and massive
recruiting efforts via National and Global Advertising Co-op.

3.Through the marketing of super hot highly demanded online and e-products,(get
up to 100% direct paid Commissions)

When you join, you are purchasing a membership into a system that helps you make money on automatic and receive up to $125,000 worth of most the recent and hottest online products on the Net.
You pay each Affiliate in the matrix a total of $30.00 plus $19.00 adminstation fee for hosting and software cost. You are placed under Level 3, you will get 10 sales generated.
For each of those 10 new affiliates that joins will pay you $15.00 each through Alertpay or Egold,earning you $150 and move you up to Level 2.
And each of your 2nd level signup 10 new members,will automatically get you 100 members that will pay you $10.00 each,earning you $1000 and move you up to Level 1.
And each of those 100 sign up 10 new members will get you 1000 new members that will pay you $5.00 each,earning you $5,000 .For a total of $6150.
You earn money based on your efforts and the efforts of other members.
You get
The Lofty Profits Wealth Package up to $125,000 value.
Your Own Self-Replicating Website.
Life time Membership.
Affiliate position in 3 Tier Structure.
Bonus permanent in Advanced Rotation System.

Your ticket to a Good Life.

Cost - Under $50.00
Support -Yes
Products- Wealth package up to $125,000,Your Own Website.
Withdrawal request- Minimum $100.00 in to your account.
Payout - Instant into your Alert,Egold or Stormpay Account.
Rating- *****

Lofty Profits,Turn $49 into $6150

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