Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lawn Chair Millionaire

Well... Now I've heard it all! ! and it is your turn to hear it.
I JUST found out about this and it seems to be blazing across the internet right now and it looks EVERYONE is joining this one... and for good reason.
It is called Lawn Chair Millionaire.Who wouldn't want to be a Lawn Chair Millionaire?
You are one of the very FIRST to know about this new program with a MUST SEE product line and a revolutionary "Moneyline" plan that guarantees you will earn commissions your FIRST day on the team... and for at least the next 60 days.
JOIN the Lawn Chair Millionaire Moneyline NOW and collect your first payday TONIGHT. Then continue earning for the next 60 days.
Looks like every single day a HUGE pool of MONEY builds up as more and more people pile in. That pool of money is then paid out on a first come, first served basis until it's gone.
This a very interesting concept.
Those who get in first get a bigger share. Those who get in first AND jump ahead of those you didn't act fast enough get an even BIGGER share!
This is too easy to pass up.
Take a look for yourself...
You can see the money accumulating right on the website.
Lawn Chair Millionaire
Looks like fun... and money.
So get out your lawn chairs...enjoy a cup of coffee and pass it along!

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